A few years ago, one of Africa’s authentic voices in the gospel circuit, Bishop Tudor Bismark penned a timeless book in an expedition to emancipate Africa from entanglements delaying the continent’s progress.

The relevance of Bismarck’s book – Think: Organizing People, Organizing Money, was brought into light considering the latest political, social and economic developments in Southern Africa. In his country of Zimbabwe, there have been reported incidences of social unrest and state security brutality. In neighbouring South Africa, the unending scandals of corruption, a sign of poor governance, have dominated the headlines.

Long before the current events, in the book, Bismark contended with apathetic tendencies by Africans, which have stalled the progress of the continent. As he takes on the ills, the quintessential prophetic voice urges the church to point African leaders to proper ethical practices that can to set Africa on a path to prosperity. Africa’s road to prosperity has been littered with thorns that continue to torment its population. Corrupt activities, which have become a new normal in large parts of Africa, have caused massive damage to the continent. Bismark says the rot has to stop.

“As Christians and as the church, we must lobby our leaders and show them a new normal. Unfortunately some of our leaders do not know what normal looks like also some of our leaders do not want to recognize what is normal. They insist on wanting to do things according to what is right in their own eyes. When everyone does what is right in his or her own eyes there is no systemic or organized thought; there is no organization of people and there is no organization of resources because there is no drive to achieve a common objective,” writes the founder and overseer of Jabula New Life Ministries International.

“Corruption feeds the corrupt and suffocates the majority. There has to be repentance where we cleanse ourselves; clear the dross and remove the rubbish called corruption that is plaguing our societies. Likewise corruption binds society and limits what we can do and achieve.”

Bismark also warns about an Achilles heel that has altered the walk of many.

“Bribery also activate a fire in your life that burns all your good moral conscience.  This is why many government officials particularly in Africa, will steal and abuse public funds then leave like kings while the masses are poor, sick and dying. These officials will not even feel guilty or have a tinge of remorse for their actions. Their good moral conscience has been burnt away. They can kill, rape and commit grave injustices and still sleep well at night. Hypocrite have an empty life. They cannot have real relationships, all their relationships are transactional rather than relational,” lashed the Bishop based in Harare.

Besides dealing with significant issues affecting the world, the timeless book also delves into family structures where enlightenment is needed. Bismark believes the problems facing his country and other nations have solutions.

“If we start to think dimensionally and creatively, solutions will be birthed in our hearts and minds. God has shown us the way. Look at the scriptures and see how God changed situations for individuals and nations in an instant,” wrote Bismark.

Think is one of the most thought provoking books in Christendom.

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