Emerging entrepreneur and Pastor Cyril Peterson’s ministry got a massive shot in the arm after embracing the ‘new normal’ in an emphatic way.

The ‘new normal’, a result of the dire effects of Covid-19, which prompted the government to impose lockdown regulations including a limit, of not more than 50 people, on church gatherings. As a leader of one of the fastest growing churches in the heart of the country’s capital, Peterson has decided to adapt by upping his game.

“I think Covid-19 is a wake-up call and for too long we have been lagging behind modernization and digitization”, said Peterson, who recently launched his website to cater for the masses thirsty for life-changing content.

Peterson, an astute expositor of the word, has not only been on the front of the cutting edge brought by the technological age but he has also managed to hold his own during this ever changing times. As such, Peterson, the founder of Living Oracles Tabernacle, has assembled his resources to ensure that his members and the world at large have access to his ministry and other services – counselling, mentoring, audio-visual content, articles, manuals, shopping. All this can be accessed through his website, which also livestreams his sermons.

“I am hoping to create the fastest growing online ministry in the Southern Hemisphere. I need to have a strong digital presence. I need to be present on all platforms – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Our content has to be solid, appealing and of high quality so that people can readily engage with it. I am using this platform (his website) to be able to fund our ministry because there is a whole world of opportunities with people out there who have been hungry for the content that I have and they are also willing to finance the content,” said Peterson, whose mantra is ‘reaching the lost and teaching the found’.

Though the Bible-punching Peterson is fondly known for his oratory and revelatory proficiency delivered in passionate way, the Pretoria-west born preacher has also empowered himself with skills to ensure effectiveness in ministry. He has acquired knowledge in the area of sound and branding. He consults for a number of churches and individuals in these areas. In addition to conducting workshops and services to empower saints spiritually, Peterson wants to also share his knowledge with individuals and churches on how to adapt to the ‘new normal’ through his online contribution.

“What they can expect is a holistic package from the Sunday service setup, in terms of their sound system, what kind of equipment to buy, how to setup that equipment, how to run a young thriving ministry, and how to engage the youth and harness the potential that people they have. That will be one of the major things. It will also be to show other churches how to brand their ministries, so that there is a particular brand, message, and theme that communicates who and what the church is. So, they can expect how to brand their ministry in a concise and modern way which is visually appealing,” he enthused.

“So, what we will be basically empowering local houses to do is to get Christ online and what they are ministering online. There’s going to be lessons in photography, videography, sound engineering, social media management, e-commerce, how to run a YouTube page, how to run a Facebook page, and how to create engaging content which will allow them to grow an audience.”

Peterson, a thought leader with years of experience in speaking, writing, training and facilitation, has traveled the length and breadth of South Africa and SADC region empowering the masses with a message of hope. Through his website – www.cyrilpeterson.co.za, he is set to live up to his mantra – reaching the lost and teaching the found.

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