On Saturday, I traveled with my team from AYM and spent 6 hours with a couple of youth in North West. The purpose was to inspire them to do greater things and not allow their surroundings distract them from achieving their goals.

One of the exercises I did with them was that of building a box using a blank A4 paper. They were not given any scissor and glue to work with. They had to innovatively come up with ways to create a box. They were given 5mins to do the box.

Out of all them, only one young man did a very neat and properly square box. Others attempted but their boxes would be crushed when touched. Others just failed to do boxes, left pages on the floor and watched others finish their boxes. From the exercise, there were many lessons we came out with, each lesson was important for their development as individuals.

One lesson I want you to capture is that in life, you might be given only one opportunity to do something without having all the resources around you. You have to do everything in your power to make it work. Time will run out if you don’t use it wisely. It is important to come up with best ways to make something out of that which you have been given.

Sometimes you won’t be given a glue and a ✂ to create a box, but you need to be grateful that you have a paper. Life might present you with only one opportunity to change your situation. Some will find it easy to crack the code, you might take longer to get it right, but what matters is for you to give it your best. Do it with all might. Don’t be like those who gave up when they heard that they are only left with 1 minute to do the box. Be that person who will try everything in your power to do something with the page.

Someone got a job after varsity, it might be a totally different case with you. You might be sitting at home with 5 years sending CVs with no luck. Whatever happens, DO NO THROW IN THE TOWEL. It is only a matter of time for you to get it right. Don’t give up. Build your box and focus on it.

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