One of the things in life that is not only inevitable but also constant, and sometimes necessary, is criticism. Critics are in every industry – politics, sport, economy and so on. There’s nothing that you can do in order to avoid criticism. Even in Christendom, critics are there. Sometimes critics come from outside while some are within. Due to doctrinal varieties and differences, Christians can be seen on social media, tackling and hammering each other, much the bewilderment of others or the chagrin of some.

Many a times in Christianity, due to inability to handle criticism, people have demoralized and demonized others because of differences. King David’s famous Psalm 23, where the man after God’s heart acknowledges the presence of enemies sheds light that David was not always showered with praises. He probably had moments where his leadership style, rendition and reciting of poetic praise was criticized but he continued with his mission. Some people have given up on their gifts and callings because someone didn’t recognize or support their gift or calling.

Human beings have preferences and references. So the fact that someone doesn’t prefer your gift or calling or ministry doesn’t mean you are not called. It means you are not graced or they don’t have capacity to handle what you are carrying. As much as people enjoy praises, they should also endure criticism. Criticism makes you to grow. It’s from scars and battles where we acquire wisdom to fare better in the future.

  1. Accountability

There are a number of practices and conducts, championed by pastors, which leave a lot to be desired. Wrong practices, which are not consistent with scriptures, should be criticized. If people post or say things that are not biblical, they should account. Criticize but do so without demonizing. Tackle the ball and not the man.

  1. Excellence

Criticism or critique can be great help. If you do things, wrongly so, and no one challenges you, you are not going to be an excellent person. You may not even grow as a person. You are likely to continue going deeper into mediocrity. Constructive criticism helps mold you into a person of excellence. Most people who are excellent today have had to endure criticism and their ability to absorb criticism and work on their craft is what has helped them.

  1. Growth

In life, you can’t grow without hardships. When you get criticized it helps you to grow a thick skin. In order to grow, people must be willing to be criticized. Criticism is not negative at all. There’s constructive criticism which helps you to grow.

  1. Learning

The more people criticize and challenge you, it helps you to study more and learn more. It will help you to stop presenting half-baked stuff. It will push you to take your audience serious and present revelations that are well balanced. Study!

  1. Humility

Criticism will show you that you have not yet arrived. It will knock sense into your head that you are not the final authority on a matter. Humility is needed. Even Jesus, who was God, had to humble himself. Jesus discussed with and took punches from people. He didn’t dismiss his critics. He reasoned with them. Le wena, as you follow Jesus, reason with truth and let truth win.

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